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SOIREE Education Is The Only Way To Tackle The Horrors Of Child Abuse

By Blogs on 01/03/2018

"... Almost two years later things haven’t changed much. We are there again and so is our silence. Once again we have failed our children. Recently, the Norwegian Embassy contacted FIA through a letter and informed them about a man named Amin who indulged in child pornography in Sargodha. He lured the children in on the pretext of providing them with computer education. FIA recovered around 65,000 child pornographic videos from Amin. Kasur and Sargodha are not the sole cases; between these two, many similar incidents such as Swat and KotAddu child abuse cases have also surfaced. ..."

Read the entire article: http://blogs.dunyanews.tv/19342/education-way-tackle-horrors-child-abuse