The 3 Emerging Social Networks To Keep An Eye On

Social Media is like a tree that is always growing

Social Media is like a tree that is always growing

If we talk about social media there are a lot of things that comes into your mind like business, relatives, long lost friends, dating opportunity, and of course to make friends and meet people from other countries. The leading social media nowadays are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These are the social media that you must consider when you are planning to have your own business or any other personal purpose or goal you have in mind.

However, there are top three social websites that you need to keep an eye on. What are those sites? Keep reading.

      1. The first one is the


Medium is one of  new sites

Medium is one of the newest sites around

    Many social media experts say that Medium is like an extension of Twitter. This is the place wherein you can share your thoughts, ideas, and even stories to your friends and family. You can see on the About Us page of the Medium the different languages that you can choose from depending on your own language or depending on what language to be used. Medium requires you to write a blog that will later on appear on the ‘’collections’’. Such social media is very easy to use and fun!
      2. The second emerging social website as of these days is the


Whisper is an app for iPhone

Whisper is an app for iPhones

    Actually, such social media is an app for iPhone. Why this is called or named Whisper? This is because of the fact that users can post secrets (known as whispers) that will appear like postcard but the difference is it is online unlike with the traditional postcard that we know. The users can answer with whispers too in the form of messages or they can simply leave an icon heart that speaks of many emotions to each individual depending on the relationship you have for him or her.

      3. The third and the last social website that you must keep an eye on is the


Sina Weibo  is known as the Chinese Twitter

Sina Weibo is known as the Chinese Twitter

    This one is known as the China’s Twitter and has the Twitter’s double number of users. it only means that people or users prefer to use Sina Weibo instead of Twitter account. This also means that such social media promises good things in the near future. And if Twitter won’t do anything to improve the services, then most probably the said social media will be the next boom! There are Hollywood celebrities who are using such social media account like Tom Cruise who already has 4.2 million followers.

These days wherein people never stop discovering new ways of communicating or interacting, there are now too many sites that you can use to connect. But the important thing is you know what social media to be used in order for you to achieve what is your main purpose of using such site. Moreover, use social media that values your privacy and won’t allow any people to hack your accounts. Lastly, use social sites that are user friendly and won’t be wasting your precious time.

The above top three emerging sites are the sites that you must keep an eye on because those are the sites that might help you promote your newly launched business to the public!

Keep Calm And Stay Single

Life always gets us in a crossroad...Stay single or get marry

Life always gets us in a crossroad…Stay single or get marry?

Grass is always greener on the other side. This saying goes well for people who are in a relationship and who are single. When you are single, you mostly will be looking at your committed friends and wishing if you could also be in a meaningful relationship. On the other hand, if you were in a relationship, you would look at your single friends enviously and think what all you could have done if you were single. While the world might say it is beautiful to be in love, being in a relationship is not the only way to express your love. Love is not just about holding your partners hands or going out on a date. It could also mean helping someone in need, spending time with your parents and taking your young sibling to the next baseball match. However, if none of these reasons convinces you here are top three reasons why you should stay single?

Career and financial instability

Take financial stability under account

Take financial stability into account

The best advantage of being single is you can focus all your energies on your career and growth. A committed relationship takes a lot of time and money. If you are just building your career, it should be priority to save money rather than splurge it on the dates and dinners. Look around and you will notice how much time is wasted today by your friends in talking to their partners, taking them out for a date or a dinner. Moreover, any relationship goes through good and bad times. When the time is good, you would want to be with your partner but when the time is bad, you cannot think about anything else but your partner. In all of this, your career takes a back seat even before you realize it.

You can do what your committed friends cannot do

This probably can be the best part about staying single. You can flirt in a party freely without having to worry if your partner is looking over you. Secondly, you do not have to worry about partying with your friends and paint the town red without calling and telling your partner about your whereabouts or asking their permission before going out somewhere especially with the opposite sex. You are the master of your life and you decide how you live it minus all the drama and imposed insecurities.

Focus on other relationships

Everyone who has been or who is in a relationship is guilty of one thing. It is not being able to give due respect to other relationships. Many other relationships are also important in life. Being in a relationship can be quite demanding both time wise and energy wise and one tends to forget about others when in a relationship. If you are single, you can give due respect and love to your best friends, your parents you colleagues and your siblings.

Going out with friends & chatting until dawn

Going out with friends to party or chatting until dawn

If these reasons convince you enough, then stay single and enjoy your life as a bachelor before some stranger takes away your freedom. Moreover, it is very important to be confident on one’s status and always remember grass may be greener on the other side but that is probably because it has been mowed a lot.

Keeping Yourself Healthy By Avoiding Gym Injuries

Start working out safely

Start working out safely

You go to the gym in order to tone your body and trim your fats down to slimmer shape. However, because of your desperate measures to lose that weight so fast, you tend to over workout yourself and instead of making yourself healthy, you end up in the clinic resting your over fatigue body.

Without proper exercise and gym stunts, it is possible to get yourself injured. That is why professional help and practical warm ups are necessary to make your body healthy avoiding any injuries.

Professional Trainers Offer Safety Services

Hiring a personal trainer can help you to evoid those injuries

Hiring a personal trainer can help you avoid injuries

If you are serious in engaging yourself into intense exercises but you are afraid that you could overwork your body, professional help is necessary to solve your problem. You will notice that these trainers would offer you a fitness program in which would serve as your guide in doing regular routines. You do not have to worry on muscle straining because these individuals are trained to do their jobs of helping your work out in a healthy way.

They are certified mentors to offer fitness routines ensuring their client’s safety as well as making it sure to get satisfying results.

Parts of the Body that Are Commonly Injured

In order to prevent any injuries, it is important to note what those parts are mostly injured during gym exercises.

1) Foot and ankle – since these parts would carry all the weights of your body, these parts are most likely to be injured. Even just with moderate exercises but you have moved your foot and ankle in improper position, then these parts are at risk.

One of the most common injuries is the Knee injury

One of the most common injuries is the Knee injury

2) Knees – our strength and agility comes from the power of the bones in our knees, if we perform strenuous gym routines then there is a possibility that we could over work our knees and suffer fatigue.

3) Lower Back –as the support of our whole body, this part is usually the first one to be injured because of some intense workouts.

How to Prevent Injuries on the Said Parts

Warm up is necessary before exercising. You need to signal your body that you are going to perform some strenuous stunts so that your body could prepare itself and avoid major injuries. Starting in slow pace could also make your muscles relax and prepare for some intense stunts.

Proper positioning is a big factor in avoiding accidents in the gym. You can ask professional advices on what proper positions they would highly recommend to perform specific routine. Not just that this help you avoid any injuries but also help you in getting good results from your exercises.

It is never bad to push yourself sometimes to do some hard gym exercises that would require all your muscles and nerves to be active because this could contribute to your wellness. However, the big risk is that you are putting yourself prone to any injuries, which could also have a big impact in your overall health.

Therefore, it is important to note that being responsible in whatever you do is necessary in order to enjoy a healthy body and longer life.

More Debt Or More Investment

What to do with your extra money

What to do with your extra money

When you have surplus cash you may face the dilemma between paying down Debt, and investing more. How to Choose What Is Right For You? Is your debt offering you leverage that you do not want to let go? Here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind before reshuffling your investment portfolio.

Can you afford more risk?

It’s important that once you make your investment decision you can enjoy your peace of mind. Hence you need to first ascertain whether you are an aggressive or conservative investor. If you are aggressive in your market outlook and investment behaviour and have more tolerance towards risks, you may choose to invest more and benefit from the high returns you are likely to enjoy instead of paying off your debt. However if your risk appetite is low or your market outlook is weak, you may choose to pay off your debt and enjoy your peace of mind.

What is the rate of interest on your loan?

Check the interest rate on your loan

Check the rate of interest on your loan

If it is an old loan you may have got it at a cheaper rate than the current market interest. Paying off such a loan may make you lose the leverage that you currently enjoy. A good idea is to put in your surplus cash in other investment opportunities like equities that offer you a higher pre tax return of 10 percent historically.

Are you enjoying tax benefits because of your debt?

If you are in the loan bracket of 35 percent and you loan interest is deducted from your income, your net interest rate would be much lesser. Also when you earn returns on your investment you may be paying tax on the returns especially if it is a short term capital gain or a fixed income instrument. So when you compare the opportunity cost of investing with paying off your loan, you must compare the post tax return on investment rate with the post tax interest rate.

What are the investment opportunities available?

Take a Risk

Take a Risk

If the market is offering good investment opportunities it maybe wise to use your extra funds to benefit from them. You should also consider using the surplus funds to invest into your own business if there are lucrative opportunities available.

Have you considered the prepayment charge?

While comparing the two scenarios check with your lender if they would slap a prepayment penalty on you if you make an upfront payment. Consider the charge before you make your decision.

Your cash flow situation

Evaluate your cash flow situation before making the final call. If you feel you would be stressed to make the payouts in the future, you can make the upfront loan payment. However if you loan attracts a prepayment charge or penalty, you could deploy the funds into a fixed income instrument and make the interest payments as per the loan schedule.

Are you in a debt trap?

Are you in a Debt Trap?

Are you in a Debt Trap?

If you are already in the vicious cycle of paying debts and borrowing more debt to payoff earlier debt, the surplus funds should be ideally deployed to pay off your debt. Over leveraging on debt can be risky and can lower down your credit score as well as earn you a bad reputation. So next time when you genuinely need a loan, you may not be able to secure it at good terms.

Your age, your life stage and your financial portfolio may also influence your final decision. You could also consult a trained financial expert to help you make the right decision be it more debt or more investment or the right mix of the two!

Making Your Small Business A Success In Social Media

Business success

Social Media Can Help Your Business

Practically, business will only stand or survive long depending how much customers it attracts. These customers are so dependent on what you can offer them, yet you also are very dependent on their satisfaction. For small business, a strategy to break through the market is vital for it to last long in the industry.

Nowadays, businesses have been engaging in online strategic points through social media to further boost their stand in the business world. A lot of them have succeeded and have earned millions. Small businesses can also do this and compete with the big leagues. All it takes is you know how and what you need to do in generating a lot of traffic to your business.

The Title Tag’s Location

Business Tag Location is important

Your Location Tag Title Is Important

Most consumers are fonder of searching businesses to buy their goods or rent services at where they are located. Like if he is from San Antonio, he would most likely search a business that offers those services within the area.

So it is important that you tag along the location of your business. This way the search engine will let your business site pop out so that it can be viewed by the locals. Always remember to list the category and location before your business name when using Google’s browser.

Optimizing your local accounts

Google can offer consumers more than just showing your business name on the browser. It directs you to listing on other users you can claim to add on to your business such as Foursquare, Google and Bing Places, and others. These will help your business show up more often.

Optimizing your map listings

You need to claim the map services listed as well as to optimize them. This will allow consumers to precisely locate your business at the exact location. This gives you a higher chance of a business visit. An update of the location is important so that you will continue to receive more customers.

Categorize everything consistently

Business categories are important because it tells you what your business best represents or stands for. Categorize your business correctly so that consumers will easily identify you as what they specifically want for your services.

Be consistent with your contact information

Be consistent with your contact information

Be consistent with your contact information

Make sure that the information you put in your business is consistent and reliable. Do not let potential consumers think twice because the information about your business is doubtful on whether you can deliver quality service.

The internet is a huge potential for a small business to grow. Therefore, apply online strategies through engaging in social media to generate more than enough traffic for your business. It is a guarantee that you will profit a lot from this scheme.